Westhills Project

Project Description

The homeowners originally wanted to use carpet because of its warmth and softness, but they also wanted their new floor to be easy to clean, maintain and to remain fresh over time. Typically, we wuldo suggest hardwood, but 0ur homeowners find it too firm underfoot.

We suggested a nice middle ground, a product that is both comfortable and cleanable. It’s called CorkWood, and it’s actually cork impressed with hardwood grain patterns. It’s quite an innovative product by TORLYS, having the allure of hardwood but the softness of cork.

The homeowners were skeptical before the final selection, but seeing it on the floor and feeling it underfoot, they are thrilled. We are happy to say that they couldn’t be more satisfied having the comfort of cork, the beauty of hardwood and the cleanability of a hard-surface floor covering.

Materials: CorkWood

Scope: CorkWood Installation