about us


Floorscapes has a high standard of professionalism. This is not always the case in the construction and flooring industry. In order to associate with other industry professionals that share our values, we participate in the industry’s leading associations, the NWFA and the AFCA. We also participate in the CFIB, a political advocate for Canadian small business.



The National Wood Flooring Association is a US-based, not-for-profit trade association. It represents all segments of the hardwood flooring industry, from manufacturers to installers and retailers. The NWFA is an important advocate for solid industry standards, educating certified professionals and informing businesses about new flooring technologies.



The Alberta Floor Covering Association is an Alberta-based not-for-profit association. It groups regional flooring providers together and promotes high industry standards for all types of flooring. Members of the AFCA must be fully outfitted professionals with a history of quality work, so the association also serves as a directory of quality regional flooring providers for customers.



The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is a group of Canadian small business owners numbering over 100,000. Primarily, it serves as a political advocate and information resource. Since 1971, it has been ‘fighting to help small businesses succeed’ and offering economic, financial and legal business advice.