Quality carpet is comfortable & sophisticated. Cozy underfoot & more durable, cleanable & stain-resistant than ever, carpet lets you worry less & enjoy simple comfort.


Nowadays, carpets have only one thing in common: they are all made of bound fibers. The colour, pattern and pile are widely diverse. Choose any colour from neutral beige to bold primary, any pattern from standard ‘saxony’ to ornate ‘berber,’ and any ‘pile’ from tight to 70’s shag.


There are three factors that affect how a carpet feels: the ‘construction,’ meaning how the carpet is manufactured, the main types being ‘saxony,’ ‘frieze,’ ‘cut & loop’ and ‘berber’; the softness of the carpet, determined by the ‘denier’; and the type of fiber, either nylon, polyester, SmartStrand or wool.


Modern manufacturing has made quality carpet lines more stain resistant, cleanable and longer lasting than ever. Read our blog on How to choose the right carpet to learn more about these technologies and the factors that affect a carpet’s performance.



In Calgary, choosing the right carpet means keeping two things in mind. First, what is your style? Second, what is your lifestyle? Choosing the right carpet is all about knowing what will suit your home and knowing what kind of performance you require.

You know your taste and your lifestyle and we know carpet. We will get to know your story and your vision so that we can help you find the right carpet for your Calgary home. Come into our showroom and we will help you create a space that feels like yours.

Carpet is best suited for resting spaces like bedrooms, living rooms and entertainment rooms. High moisture rooms where spills are common, such as the kitchen and bathroom, are not fit for carpet.

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