Flooring Design Trends for 2023

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It may be winter, but things are warming up in the design world. With the recent introduction of Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, the pendulum seems to be swinging far, far away from all things Gray. But, predicting trends can be kind of like forecasting the weather, only less dependable. With one design source saying open concept is here to stay and the next saying enclosed kitchens are taking over, we can all wonder who is driving this train, and if they could please make up their collective mind. After significant perusal, here are some design trends to anticipate for 2023.


Flooring Design Trends for 2023


Breaking (Bad) Rules- Okay, maybe not the bad rules, but 2023 is a year for pushing the limits of boring and expected. With new approaches to color, pattern and accessorizing, 2023 is a year to embrace what makes you happy. Above all, follow trends that resonate with you. Before you tear down the walls of your already enclosed kitchen (or vice versa), consider how you want your home to look and feel. Because, it’s your space, use it to tell your unique story. We are all here to support you!


Warm up to Neutrals- Gone is the gray, making brown the new neutral of choice. For walls, think warm white, muted moody tones and desaturated naturally occurring colors. This trend, easy to follow with flooring since it tends to mimic wood, can be seen in warmer wood tone floors and spicy tile options.


Speaking of floors… Along with warm neutral flooring options in hardwood flooring, tile, and carpet, bold “floor art” rugs are trending. Consider a bright, boldly patterned area rug as a statement piece which can be placed directly on the floor or layered over existing carpet. Also up and coming- asymmetrical or organically shaped rugs instead of the standard geometric shapes. Neither boring nor expected, these rugs add interest to areas and help define zones in an otherwise open-concept space.


Flooring Design Trends for 2023


Pop the Color- It’s hard to imagine a whole room painted Viva Magenta not being slightly overwhelming. This bold color of the year and other equally rich options are easier to incorporate into design plans by employing them as accessories. A raspberry slipcover for a side chair or sofa, brightly painted accent furniture, or a sassy statement rug can make your space on trend without becoming overwhelming. For those that want to take the color vertical but shy away from the idea of a bold accent wall, consider a richly patterned tapestry wall hanging for a bedroom or wild wallpaper in a small powder room. Any of these accents play nicely with the aforementioned neutral wall colors and flooring options.


Make it Your Own- Last but not least, this is the best trend for 2023. Call it an anti-trend if you’d like, but hyper-personalization with artisanal details is a thing this year. Choosing wall art because you like it rather than because it’s trendy, shopping second-hand for vintage accessories that resonate with you, and using nostalgic pieces to personalize your home is very on-point. Consider supporting a local artist by purchasing a custom piece that complements your space, or making something yourself, in a comforting color of textile.


If all this freedom and ambiguity makes you nervous, use it in conjunction with some of the other design trends to put your mind at ease. Vintage flea market finds can be repainted in bold colors, boring pillows can be replaced or recovered in wildly patterned fabrics, brightly framed (awkward) family photos or homemade artwork can personalize your walls. Rumor has it that even the 70’s are making a comeback! If that vibes with you, 2023 is giving you permission to go all out. This year it’s completely acceptable to mix styles, rather than adhering to a rigid design guide. The key is to style your home in a way that makes you happy.


If you need help incorporating these and other design aspects of this year, or you’re ready to make a bigger change to your space, the helpful staff at Floorscapes are ready to help. Contact us today!