Industrial Chic: Get the Look

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I am absolutely in love with this photo, everything about it from the industrial, cool space to the understated design of the accessories that exist within. The mixture of warmth and cool tones combine to create a beautiful and inviting setting.

I used to be all about modern design, but as time has gone on I find myself drawn to these minimal spaces with detail in warm wood tones or charming patterns with a bohemian vibe. There’s nothing quite like a space that’s mostly white with details that enchant the viewer.

Art evokes an emotional response from the audience. I consider design the same, and spaces like these command the audience to feel. What a beautiful way to look at design.

I love this space, but one cannot simply fill their home with pillows and blankets to achieve a certain look. Here’s an example of some finishes I put together that would successfully achieve this look, and would be suitable for a home, rather than strictly a nook.

Get the Look

Where can you find such a beautiful arrangement of finishes? Floorscapes Inc. in Calgary, AB.

Love those cushions? So do I. I actually think I may have fallen in love with them. Luckily, I know where you can find the same or similar.

Brandts Indoor – They ship to Canada!!


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