Bel-Aire Project

Project Description

This beautiful home in the Bel-Aire neighborhood of Calgary suffered significant water damage. The roof leaked and the ensuing water damage destroyed a good section of the hardwood. The homeowners were at their wits' end, especially since they were just coming out of the weeds from some other restoration work…

But now they think of the whole ordeal as a blessing in disguise. They couldn’t be happier with the new colour and lustre of their Herringbone White Oak hardwood. We updated the wood with a deep grey stain and a low-lustre finish: a nice, modern touch.

This job took a particular amount of skill to execute. After the flood, the water-damaged section of hardwood had to be removed and replaced. Feathering in new wood is challenging in the first place, let alone feathering into a herringbone pattern. But, our veteran installer made short work of the job: he measured, routed, and blended the new wood into the old so well, you can’t even tell which section has been replaced.

Materials: Hardwood

Scope: Hardwood Replacement, Hardwood Re-Finishing