Hillhurst Project

Project Description

There’s no doubt about it: Hillhurst is one of Calgary’s most beautiful communities. And this home is no exception! The blue tile backsplash is the centerpiece of this lovely project, and it came about as a kind of happy accident. We were originally contracted to replace some water damaged hardwood, but the homeowners were redoing the kitchen and needed a new backsplash. We thought the new cherry cabinets called for a splash of colour, blue or green, and we knew that the earthy and subtle aesthetic of this tile would do the job very nicely. Sure enough…

Check out the Merbau hardwood. We patched in some new boards around the kitchen island and re-sanded and re-finished the kitchen, dining room, and living room. It’s not an easy job to patch in hardwood or match stain and colour with adjoining areas, but the Floorscapes team did an excellent job, (not to toot our own horn, but this is not a surprise).

Materials: Hardwood & Tile

Scope: Hardwood Re-Finishing, Tile Installation, Backsplash