Killarney Project

Project Description

This stunning home in Calgary’s Killarney neighborhood is an Arts & Crafts masterpiece whose creation is ongoing. When the homeowners acquired the house, they undertook a renovation that established the high ceiling and ceiling beams, the doorway arches, the handrail, and the fantastic woodwork seen throughout the home.

Since then, the homeowners have been adding one piece at a time: a chair here, a lamp there. The entire home has come together very nicely with ornate lines, rich woodwork, and modern furniture that feels authentically Arts & Crafts. It’s a classic and a tasteful look.

The latest addition is a freshly sanded and refinished 1 ½” Cherry hardwood floor. We selected a low-lustre polyurethane finish to give it a contemporary, clean look. It compliments the rest of the home’s woodwork just that much more. Contrast is key.

Materials: Hardwood

Scope: Hardwood Re-Finishing