Pump Hill Project

Project Description

As you can see by the photographs, these homeowners took great care in the creation of their space in Calgary’s gorgeous Pump Hill community: the garden is astounding yet welcoming, and the exterior of the house is humble and cozily nestled into the lot’s greenery.

This same attention to detail is present in the basement, which was completely renovated and built to showcase the homeowner’s photography portfolio. They designed it as a kind of gallery, so neutral tones were chosen as a backdrop for their colorful, characteristic portraits and landscapes. The pre-existing bright red carpet was replaced with this calming, high-pile Shaw carpet. You can’t see it, of course, but the underlay is quite thick and comfy underfoot.

Continuing with the neutral theme, the white porcelain subway tile in the bathroom is sleek and clean, also serving as a of backdrop for the modernist chrome fixtures. Notice that the 24″ x 24″ floor tile creates a nice geometric framing around the new vanity.

Materials: Tile & Carpet

Scope: Carpet Replacement, Tile Installation, Shower Tile, Backsplash