Pergo Vinyl Plank

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Pergo is back! We haven’t heard much from the Swedish company since they invented laminate in the 1970’s. They made an excellent product, but they were soon overshadowed by competitors. In the last couple of years however, Pergo has made quite a resurgence, stepping back up to the plate with a stellar line of Vinyl Plank. Their high-end line of LVP and LVT, called ‘Pergo Extreme’ is top notch: it has some of the best embossing we’ve ever seen, very forward-thinking on-trend looks, it is superbly durable and waterproof and it comes with a solid warranty. Read below to find out more on why we decided to feature Pergo Extreme at the upcoming Calgary Fall Home Show.


Just when we thought that Vinyl Plank manufacturers couldn’t do a better job emulating hardwood and tile, along came Pergo’s new line, Pergo Extreme. The quality of its emulations are truly impressive— its colours and patterns achieve a very realistic depth and its embossed textures bring those patterns to life to a level that we’ve never seen. It’s impossible to demonstrate this with an image, but if you come to the Calgary Fall Home Show or our Showroom you can see it and touch it in person. No doubt you’ll agree that Pergo Extreme is bringing Vinyl to the next level.

As far as fashion goes, each product in the collection either remains on-trend or verges on pushing flooring fashion forward. In the LVP line, a wide variety of wood species look-alikes are available in blondes, whites, greys and browns, each boasting a unique grain pattern and texture. One look through their collection will show that each product feels both highly charactered and contemporary. Some of the highlights and the more innovative looks include ‘Morning Lake House’ and ‘Chimney Smoke.’ In the LVT line, the same variety is available, but as porcelain, stone, encaustic or painted tile look-alikes— check out ‘Staple’ and ‘Pale Blush’ to see some of the more characteristic looks.


The main reason that homeowners end up choosing a Laminate product over a Vinyl Plank product is for durability. Because Vinyl Plank is made out of Vinyl, a type of composite plastic, it tends to be less hard than Laminate. But Vinyl Plank manufacturers like Pergo are coming up with innovative ways to improve Vinyl’s durability. Pergo has definitely struck a chord in this regard with ‘Pergo Extreme,’ which features a very hard-wearing top layer: “Each plank is constructed with a solid stone-plastic composite and layered with an enhanced lacquer finish. The result is a… floor that’s dent-proof, pet-proof, kid-proof, and waterproof.” Impressively, Pergo backs this claim with a lifetime residential warranty!

Rooms, Installation & Maintenance

Like all Vinyl products, Pergo Extreme installs simply with very little mess. It comes in either click-together or glue-down formats, making it equally suited for plywood and concrete subfloors. In other words, it can just as easily be installed on the main floor of a wood-frame construction house as in basements or a condominium. As a waterproof and 100% impermeable floorcovering, Pergo Vinyl Plank performs very, very well in high moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms and entry ways. Of course it works well in any room you’d put either hardwood or tile. When it comes to Vinyl Plank, a maintenance schedule is as simple as prevention and a weekly clean.


If you have any more questions about Pergo vinyl plank, send us an email or give us a call. Better yet, if you live in Calgary and you’re in the flooring market, stop by our showroom at 525 58th Avenue SE. The Floorscapes team has as much experience as we do passion: combined, we have over 150 years in the world of Calgary flooring. We offer our knowledge, our expertise and our aesthetic sensibility in order to help you create a space that you will love.

Written by guest author Eric Osborne.