SmartStrand: The Smartest Carpet Around

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Everyone knows that the main shortfall of carpet is that it accumulates dirt and is harder to clean than hard surface floors. But carpet manufacturers have been working for decades to limit this problem.

In the 1960s, they took a big step when they introduced polyester, a far more stain-resistant fibre than nylon. But there’s a downside to polyester, it is not as durable and does not have the lasting power of nylon. So for decades, it became a toss-up between the two — either buy nylon for its durability, or polyester for its stain-resistance… until the early 2000s.

Forever Clean Technology

Enter SmartStrand, the carpet that solves this age-old dilemma. It has the durability of nylon and the stain resistance of polyester, and then some. How? By utilizing a new fiber that is engineered to prevent staining and wearing.

Nylon carpets have a topical stain resistant treatment, but the SmartStrand fiber itself is stain resistant. It has very few dye sites, which means less opportunity for contaminants to accumulate. Few dye site = less staining.

SmartStrand fibers are also quite resilient and are built to ‘bounce back’. You know how a carpet’s pile wears over time and becomes compressed? SmartStrand technology substantially inhibits that process, increasing the carpet’s lifespan. Unlike other carpets, these features are built in to the carpet’s fiber, ensuring that that it continues to perform for its entire lifespan. There’s a reason that Mohawk has given it the tag ‘Forever Clean’.

Pet Proof: 60,000 Steps

Pets and carpets are age-old enemies. Especially during the potty training process, pets can be very hard on carpets. But having a 0% percent absorption rate, and staying resilient for up to 60,000 steps, SmartStrand carpet holds up very well to pet stains and pet traffic.

In fact, Mohawk is so confident in their SmartStrand technology, that they offer a warranty against pet stains: “All accidents. All pets. All the Time.” And when they say all pets, they mean all pets. Check out this video of a rhino vs. SmartStrand.

All in all, SmartStrand carpet is an extremely stain-resistant and durable carpet. Check out our current SmartStrand feature.


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Written by guest author Eric Osborne.